Vanessa Weseman
Relational Coach & Group Facilitator  



I was born into a family of spiritual seekers who exposed me to the world of yoga and meditation at a very young age.

I quickly began to ask the bigger questions of life and embarked on a journey, leaving no stone unturned to have them answered. 

And then I discovered Circling... a relational practice that is now growing around the world as it ignites community and brings in energy of consciousness, evolution, and enlightenment.



After completing a yoga teacher training in 2009, I went onto study with teachers of The Landmark Forum, Kundalini Yoga, Breath-Work, Tantra and Non-Violent Communication.

In 2016 I discovered Circling (aka “Relational Yoga”), and finally found a process that embodied all of the philosophies I had discovered on my path so far.

I became a trained practitioner in The Art of Circling and today I am passionate about living in the present moment, and empowering others to do the same - in all areas of their lives.

Freedom lies in personal expression.

I believe this practice allows you to access your true and authentic self in an incredibly powerful (and accelerated) way.

You can expect to reveal blind spots, have more meaningful connection and conversations with others and tune into the aliveness of the moment...

As a trained facilitator I work with both individuals and groups from all walks of life. I also co-create corporate programs, workshops and retreats with a community of change-makers from around the globe.

We believe that everything is possible and available to you, once you get out of your mind and into the world. All you have to do, is get curious!  



Authentic Relating & Coaching

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi

Workshops & Global Retreats


Client Reviews

Vanessa has a rare gift to gently welcome what is uncomfortable, to reflect what is true and to reveal the place in all of us, that needs love.
— Alita Watson
I am deeply grateful for Vanessa’s guidance. In our sessions together she deciphers what I say, relates to how I feel and reflects back in a way that makes me feel heard and helps me to understand myself when my emotions feel so confusing.

I always look forward to our time together because I know she will support me, help me emotionally deepen, and give me pearls of wisdom. “
— Alicia Lauryl, Soul Coaching & Mindfulness Guide
What Vanessa does in authentic relating is powerful, beautiful, raw, honest and real. She has an amazing way of relating to each individual allowing them to open up and be their most vulnerable selves.

It’s fascinating to watch her work and lead. She has helped so many people be seen, find their voice, and overcome their blocks.
Vanessa is a powerful, beautiful, deep soul, and the work she does is absolutely incredible.
— Amanda Busby, Lifestyle Expert